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About Gillian Cordingley
Gillian was born in a small village on the edge of one of the famous Yorkshire moors. After a short time in another village on the moor edge she returned to Eldwick. She has now lived in Eldwick for the last 30 years.
Gillian trained to teach in the Yorkshire city of Bradford, and later in Leeds. She majored in art, then purely ceramics. In her spare time Gillian continues to dabble with ceramics, mosaics and jewellery.

Gillian does a variety of worktypes in the art and ceramics area. For example she works as an 'Artist In Residence' at a local school, and as a pottery tutor at the Bradford Cancer Support Centre. She also does other residencies and workshops. Gillian is also seen at local events, sharing her love of ceramics with others as they make a pot on the wheel.

The area in which Gillian lives gives great inspiration. The subtle colours, shades, patterns and textures of moorland heather, bracken, and dry stone walls. These all feature prominently in this moorland area.
Gillian enjoys to travel, to gather new and exciting forms, colours and themes for her art work. One of her favourite UK destinations is St.Ives in Cornwall.
As a keen amateur photographer, her camera goes with her on all her travels.
Gillian Cordingley
Gillian Cordingley

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