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As well as working in schools, much of Gillian's earlier work was in local Yorkshire colleges. Over the past few years she has taught pottery in the evenings, as part of A-Level and GCSE courses, and she has worked with adult special needs. At Bradford College Gillian taught curriculum art and ceramics to PGCE and degree students.
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Italian Summer School

In 2009 Gillian was invited to help with a summer school in Italy. The students were there to learn English language through various learning situations. Groups came to Gillian to do pottery. Most of the young students had done little or no pottery before, so the activity was kept reasonably simple, but to give them an end result to take away.
Students were split into groups and each group had an afternoon class to make an interesting face from two pinch pots. The focus was the understanding of English.
Italy 2009 Italy 2009 Italy 2009

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